Your Special Investigation Unit, LLC

Your SIU was developed by insurance adjusters solely for insurance adjusters. We know the daily focus of handling claims timely, accurately, and efficiently.

We are revolutionizing the way claims and vendors work together. By creating a portal for each claims member to log in and see immediate and daily updates, the timeliness between claims and vendors is greatly reduced. At the same time, we have the ability to upload reports, intelligence, photos, and documents right from the field for your immediate review. Our goal is to increase your file handling timeliness.

YourSIU.com Introduction

YourSIU.com are your SIU Experts!

We had the experience of hiring vendors before as an SIU investigator and Claims adjuster. We have seen the work product received from investigators with no prior claims experience, and the product from former SIU and Adjusters who have become private investigators. When handling claims investigations, it is vital to the outcome of the claim to hire vendors that clearly understand the claims industry. We understand each policy has its own nuances. Having a vendor who takes the time to understand the assignment, and the company’s certain criteria that need to be investigated, is what makes YourSIU.com the best in the industry.