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$90 / Hour

Great surveillance is a true art form. With our years of experience we understand the needs of the Insurance Companies. We use the highest quality video cameras with some of the furthest Zoom Capabilities on the market at the time. We will review with you prior to conducting the assignment so that every detail you have and are looking for are addressed. We will also offer out of the box ideas to obtain the best results for your money. Some surveillance jobs require two or more investigators. This is common on clinics with front and back doors, or on jobs where we are surveilling multiple injured parties. We will conduct pre-surveillance and provide a verbal review before the assignment as needed. Once the assignment is initiated we will communicate with daily updates through the claims portal. This will include activity observed that day and license plates observed. Each Surveillance assignment is custom made by your request. You will have the cell phone number of the investigator in the field as well so that any time sensitive updates can be provided immediately and acted upon.

In addition to the daily updates, we will provide a full final report with an easy searchable feature to locate notes directly related to License plates or individuals.

One Investigator $90 / Hour

Additional Investigator $80 / Hour each

* Please note one additional hour a day will be charged for report writing and database searches of intel obtained that day.