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Examinations Under Oath


As experienced SIU investigators, we have all conducted hundreds to thousands of EUOs depending on our tenure in the industry. We know there are some vendors that specialize in the 15-30 minute EUO, and charge $500 for this. We also know there are Defense Attorneys worth their weight in gold who charged around $2500 for an EUO and obtain a 4-5 hour EUO. YourSIU.com understands there is a need for a great EUO at a price point that makes sense. YourSIU.com will review each claim with you in entirety before the EUO. We will schedule it, arrange for interpreters, and court reporters. We will serve the Examinee in person as we are licensed process servers and through certified mail. Using a pre-set game plan that is custom built for each claim by you and YourSIU.com allows us to focus on the most crucial parts of the EUO. If it is an MMR/ coverage issue or a staged loss issue determines where we spend the bulk of our time. Most of our EUO’s last between 2-3 hours. We also know that you are the person most familiar with the claim and sometimes all of your claims knowledge is not in the claims notes. Therefore we make the option available for you to attend the EUO virtually and direct us with more specific questions as needed. YourSIU.com understands the need for some EUO’s to be in person and some can be completed via phone or Zoom. An in person EUO is highly recommended when you believe the claim is staged or there is strong evidence that needs to be presented to the Examinee for response. When you contact us, ask how in person EUO’s also allows for the Examiner to inspect other intelligence in person that you would not be able to get over the phone or via Zoom.

EUO via Zoom $1000 *

EUO in Person $1500 *

* we will use the Interpreter company of your choice and the Court Reporter service of your choice. We will arrange for their bills to be sent to your company directly. There will be no charge for mileage or travel inside the state of Florida. We will provide you with a full report and audio recording of the EUO. If you wish to order the transcripts we will arrange for the additional billing from the court reporters office to be sent directly to your company.