Vehicle Event Data Recorder Retrieval

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Vehicle Event Data Recorder Retrieval


Event Data Recorders (EDR) or Crash Data Recorder (CDR) allow the information of what was happening in a car 5 seconds before impact to be downloaded and reviewed. This data is crucial in fighting false claims or determining accurate liability in a comparative negligence state.

A real life example of this technology was used to fight and deny $30,000 in PIP Claims and another $20,000 in BI Exposure. A claim was called in as the driver with 2 passengers in the insured vehicle, lost control at 35-40 MPH, went off the road and struck a tree. All three individuals were injured and sought treatment.  The EDR data was downloaded and it showed 5 seconds before the impact, the car was slowing to a gradual stop. The steering wheel showed slight corrections, and then the accelerator was put to 100% just before impact.

EDR data directly contradicted the drivers statement of losing control, attempting to over correct, and traveling at 35-40 mph when the loss occurred. The investigation also proved the vehicle was only occupied by the driver at the time of “impact.”

As always aims to make your claim handling process easier and more timely. Our EDR fee is a flat $450 for pulls anywhere in the state of Florida. The flat fee includes a written report, all travel, and data retrieval.

To Verify if the vehicle you are investigating is EDR compatible, please go to: