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Lab tests provide some of the best evidence available for fighting suspicious claims. proudly uses Absolute Labs Inv. Based in Michigan. They provide a wide array of lab testing. will obtain any samples needed for your specific claim. We will maintain the evidence log, and submit all samples directly to Absolute Labs for testing. These test results are usually returned within 2-3 days with a full science based report.

Some of the tests available are:

  1. Paint Sample Testing- Hit and Run claims can easily be confirmed with providing a sample of the paint transfer from the loss vehicle. That paint sample will be tested and the results will tell you if they hit an architectural painted pole, or oil based painted item, or even concrete. If they were hit by another car, the sample with confirm that as well.
  2. Drug Residue Lab Analysis- Drugs involved in the loss? Vehicle was in an active felony at the time of loss? Residue samples from in the car can be tested and identify what drugs they may be.
  3. Fuel Contaminants and Coolant Analysis- Insured claims Sugar in their tank? Let us submit the fuel for other contaminants.
  4. DNA Touch Swabs Coming soon! – Determine who was really behind the wheel at the time of loss.